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Being stopped in your car by an officer can mean you've entered a complicated system! New Zealand has recently lowered its breath and blood alcohol limits, and there has been a significant rise in speeding tickets being issued over the past 2 years. If you have recent traffic convictions, being issued with another ticket can put you in a high stress situation, involving fines, demerit points, loss of licence or worse. I understand ever changing traffic law,  the economic policies driving those changes, the players involved, and the processes by which cases get resolved. There may be a way to beat your charge outright, there may not,  but I will always strive to find a way to resolve it in a way that ensures you and your job remain secure. 


I specialise in all traffic related matters including:

  • Careless driving

  • Reckless driving

  • Speeding

  • Limited licence

  • Careless driving causing injury/death

  • Drink driving

  • Driving under influence of drugs

  • Failing to stop

  • Driving while disqualified

  • Driving without a licence

  • Log book offences




Exceeding the demerit point system? Charged with Excess Breath Alcohol? Stressed? Many people simply cannot risk losing their licence. You may be the sole earner for your family and just one more demerit point can start a "domino effect" which will have serious effects on all the family. You may be a professional who stands to lose your employment, or have someone with a significant condition who depends utterly on your driving.

I have 20 years experience obtaining these licences and I know the system and the players. I will help you get back behind the wheel.
































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Limited Licence