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Criminal Law

I specialise in criminal and traffic law
I've earned my reputation by representing, assisting and defending people who are accused of crimes for almost 20 years and I have the experience and resources to defend you whether you face a shoplifting charge or a serious crime.
some case examples:
Mr A:
Charge: Excess breath alcohol
Facing: Disqualification, fine and loss of employment
Result: Complete acquittal
Mr B:
Charge: Rape
Facing: 20 years maximum penalty
Result: Complete acquittal
Mr C:
Charges: Rape, sodomy, domestic violence charges
Facing: Life imprisonment
Result: Acquittal on rape, sodomy and all but 2 domestic violence charges
Ms D:
Charge: Shoplifting x 4
Facing: Fine, conviction and loss of employment
Result: Dismissal of charges
Mr E:
Charge: Male assaults Female
Facing: 2 years imprisonment
Result: Reduction of charge to common assault and success ful application for discharge without conviction.